Software to turn your WWW site into a collaborative learning environment.

Available free to UK HE Institutions

What is coMentor?

coMentor is software which allows you to create multi-user learning environments on the WWW which are accessible without the need for any special client-side software. The system provides a collaborative virtual environment in which students can take part in real-time and asynchronous discussion, along with a set of learning tools to support debate and collaborative work. coMentor is particularly aimed at arts, humanities and social science courses, where learning centres on discussion and textual resources.

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As coMentor is no longer an active project, these pages are maintained as an historical record

What equipment do I need to run coMentor?

To run the coMentor server software, you'll need a UNIX or a LINUX computer and a Web server. Users can access coMentor from any computer connected to the WWW that supports Java (e.g. Macs/Win 95/98/NT plus Netscape/IE 3.0 or above).

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Trying to access coMentor?

Sorry, the demo is no longer running.

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